Thinking of renovating the bathroom?

Keep these tips in mind.

Bathroom interiors have changed significantly in recent years, moving away from just a functional space and embracing the resort or spa style feel.

Clients are often restricted to the existing room size and, depending on budget, restricted with relocating plumbing and electrical services. Our designers are experts at designing innovative ways to achieve your dream bathroom within your budget. So where do you start?

Here’s a few tips to consider when shopping for your new bathroom.

The Bath

Freestanding baths are on trend and are an ideal addition to create that luxurious resort feel. These days they come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Be sure to get in and test the bath in the showroom and make sure it’s comfortable.

Feature Tiling

Be practical! We’re seeing quite a lot of what we lovingly refer to as “The Block Effect”. Clients see contestants throw everything at their bathrooms including multiple feature walls and floors. Whilst it looks great for the cameras and is good for the tile suppliers, it’s not practical. Select a feature tile you love and use it sparingly. Work the other tiling around your feature. A favourite tile, which works well with most schemes and budgets, is gloss white 30×60 rectified tile. Be sure to allow a reasonable budget for your tiling works, the tiler you choose will be the difference between an amazing and a very average finish. A great tiler will ensure your bathroom remains looking fabulous many years after the work is done.


Tapware has become a feature all of its own over the last five years. There are now a myriad of finishes and styles to choose from. Our recommendation for tapware; limit the finishes in the room. For example, if you are using black tapware, then pare it with black handles. Also consider what works with the rest of your home.

Mirrors & Storage

Face height storage is here to stay and for good reason! We thoroughly recommend all our clients do this if they can. Something to keep in mind when talking with your designer; smaller round mirrors look fabulous but they often make the space look busy, large mirrors will open up the room and create the feeling of space.


Basin selections can be polarising, some clients love the counter top basins, others hate them! These days, there are additional options available such as semi-inset top mount basins or different vanity heights.


We highly recommend walk-in showers to all our Clients. It is where the hob or brick step around the shower recess is removed. The tiler slopes the falls of the tiles into the shower and straight towards the drain.  In some case where the shower recesses are large enough, we can even remove the need for a shower screen door creating a truly walk in shower experience.


Some days, our budget skills get a bigger workout than our designing skills.

Knowing your budget and being honest with your designer up front is critical to the success of your dream bathroom renovation. There is little or no benefit to setting the budget at $15,000 then choosing a $5,000 bath. Consider all the costs, not just the fixtures and fittings. For example; the more you need to move the plumbing and electrical, the more expensive this cost will be.

Our designers are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They pride themselves on being up to date with the latest industry trends and will always work with you to help get the most from your renovation budget.

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