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Residential Interiors

Trager Kitchens and Interiors can assist you in making your wishlist a reality!
A house needs more than four walls and furniture to create a home. Many of our clients come to us because they have built or live in a house that they feel doesn’t represent them and that they have never been proud of or comfortable in their space. They always thought about how others had these fabulous homes and wondered why buying more furnishings still did not result in a great outcome. Making a house a home is about embodying the heart and soul of a family or client; building on their collection of home pieces to create a space unique to them and one that is resolved and provides them with the WOW factor. A resolved interior shouldn’t cost you any more as you will be spending money on the right pieces and not making costly mistakes.

Our designs are characterised by timeless elegance with the utmost attention to detail and curated to represent the clients personality.

We work with a team of tradespeople and suppliers to ensure our design vision results in a well-executed and resolved space that is both functional as it is beautiful.