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Elizabeth St

Our clients have owned their home for 12 years and love living in the suburb but wanted to update their home. There were some aspects of the layout that frustrated them, such as the very constricted kitchen and meals area. They also felt the combined powder room/bathroom was inadequate.

We set about redesigning the kitchen with an island to allow the area to be opened up and so people could mingle around the island in a social setting without interfering with the food preparation. This also allowed for a larger dining table to accommodate family gatherings. The powder room and adjacent bathroom were separated and an additional toilet was added to the bathroom.

We also removed the very orange timber floors and replaced them with large format light cream/grey tiles, lightened the wall colour and painted the trims in a crisp white with new lighter coloured sheers and curtains to brighten and liven the home.

The result is absolutely dreamy!!! Our clients say they are still pinching themselves and that they have always wanted to live in a home like this!