Living through renovations

I have done many renovations of my own over the years, too many in fact! In the past always buying and renovating before moving in, six to nine weeks flat out and its done. Right now I am renovating our bathrooms while living in our home. I must say, it has given me renewed respect for clients who choose to live through their renovations. The amount of dust, nothing being in its place, its very unsettling, and noisy! I now understand why many of our clients choose to holiday while we renovate their homes. They hand over their keys and our trusted team of trades sets about turning their dreams into a reality, all while they are off enjoying themselves.

We once had a client admit they were having so much fun whilst on their Fiji holiday they actually forgot we were renovating their whole home!
As I sit here amidst the dust, I’m momentarily wishing I could be a client, maybe hitching up the caravan and escaping until it is all finished, but there is still work to be done so the caravan will have to wait. This month we’re sharing our latest renovation project and we take a look at Polytec’s latest wardrobe product.


Our latest renovation

Our clients had clear ideas of what they wanted to achieve, A large walk-in pantry was top of their list. and somewhere to put their appliances.
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Surano by Polytec

Stunning shaker style sliding wardrobe doors. Nine colours to choose from enhanced by the selection of either Woodmatt or Ravine colours and finishes. These doors will add warmth and texture to any space.

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